DOC Note 23 April

DOC Notes April 23:

High School Soccer League: Back to basics with the community feel.  BAC piloted a team in the area High School League this past fall and again this spring.  The team venom and their head coach Steve Blasch have found it to be a rewarding experience.  The High School league is just as it sounds, the age group is U15-U19 (Freshman – Senior).  The mixed age group provides development opportunities at all levels, allows for siblings to play together, and is all local (BRYC, SYC, VSA).  Steve has found the small league has had some great advantages, the coaches get to know each other, there is little admin, and they have a consistent set of quality referees that opt to work this league.  If there are any current or rising U15-19G coaches, or any players you know that may be interested in finding out more about the HSL, you may reach out to Steve at for more information.

Dare Them to Play: Play Practice Play format does more than let the game be the teacher.  It focuses our strategy of teaching the beautiful game with passion and desire to have all of our players love the game and play for the rest of their lives.  We have all grown to love the game by playing and then practiced because we loved the game and wanted to get better.  The US Youth Soccer article at this link challenges us parents, coaches, and trainers to get our children to think of the beautiful game is something that can be played all the time.  All we need is 2 people, a ball, a small flat space, and anything to mark goals. Dare them to play

I don’t want to call it All-Stars:  The end of the season tournaments are opportunities for those that are seeking greater competition and those players that have demonstrated a desire, temperament, skill, and ability to have a positive experience in a tournament environment.  Our coaches and trainers will be starting to look for volunteers and using our observations at Age Group Skills and games to prepare for the end of the season tournaments.  We will first determine the type of teams we would like to put together (Experience or Competition) Experienced will pull an equal number of players from every team in the age group to spread the opportunity equally across teams.  Competition will be selecting those players who have shown the best aptitude for increased competition and there is not a limit to a number that comes from a single team.  Because at the age groups our coaches and trainers are working together and the practice is the center of our development format, it is an ideal for these reviews and discussions to take place.  Ask your coach about the end of tournament process and go to the program guide Page 16 for more information.



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